Lil HE77

"Christian Dior"

Christian Dior on my shoes
These briggers so tight, I swear I'ma run it up
Threw a few band on these shoes
I'ma be true, can't even get enough
I'm wit' my new bae in a coupe
I cannot lose, she know I'm headed up
I called all my exes they snooze
She got a new dude she [?] on my feet, I'm up
I ball like I drive in Hawk
Swear all these b*t*hes do nothin' but talk
My shawty turned into an opp, yeah
She know that I couldn't be stopped
Triple 7's they weigh all my drops
Yeah, I give my bro and my family props
They helped me through all of the hard years
Told all my dawgs this is our year

I'm a brown boy with a tint fade, in my best J's
I'm a king, I got the best plays, brigger checkmate
Yeah these b*t*hes used to dub me, talkin' back in 10th grade
Now these b*t*hes can't even touch me, I don't f**k wit' less grade
In the A, gettin' A's, yeah they keep me outta school
f**k the briggers from my city, man they all some damn fools
Ain't my shorty you can keep her, I don't f**k with no thots
Now she salty and she miss me, gotta take the bus now
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