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Run up on me n***as gettin embarrassed
Yo b*t*h in my mouth tryna count all the karats
These n***as hang around the trap all day run and tell they b*t*h everything just like a parrot
Yo paycheck last week n***a that’s what I’m wearin
Put this Ice in yo face and yo b*t*h can’t stop starin
By 2021 me and Wendigo gon pull up on n***as in matchin mclarins
I Robbed him so quick that he didn’t know who to shoot
Im sippin don Julio you drinkin absolut
n***as be sayin they trapp until we hit the store and all n***as can cop is some
Juicy fruit
f**k a map we put this b*t*h on a almanac
I ain’t bangin no sh*t but my pockets on crip
Rentin whips we ain’t into that
Glock hit him faster than high speed internet
Chain Smokin blunts like a cigarette
Me and yo hoe finna bang like the b*t*h name is Bernadette 3 and a half in a Russian I’m burnin that n***as want money but they is not earnin that
n***as diss me cause they love me and that’s a fact
He want a autograph Right on his starter cap
n***as be stans when they see me catch heart attacks
I been told you n***as I wanna f**k Doja Cat
You want a video? hit up my editor (Troy)
f**kin on young b*t*hes you is a predator
I keep it a hundred like number of senators
n***as b opps so We Set up perimeters
When I’m in the trap I keep killers around me
That price on yo head picked up quick that’s a bounty
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