The Boyz


[Verse 1: Lily]
Yuh, let's throw it back, old school, 'fore I got to know you
I was skippin in the halls, d**k too small, didn't even have balls
I drive too fast kinda hopin I would crash
Grew up too fast when I first smoked gas
Parents always ask when I'm comin back (Hahaha)
I'm never at the house cause I'm always stressed out
Back to you
You made me grow up even though I didn't want to
It's love hate, baby, don't make me say it, but I
Can't live without you
Spend nights in my bed and the days you just run around my head
You hit me with the come over text, and the next thing I know, I'm at your door
f**k it, lemme hit you with some dark humor
Trippin on these bars cause I can't keep up, hope I don't throw up
Boy you better watch your mouth 'fore I run up on your house
And hit a lick on your sh*t, then make you suck my big fat d**k, yuh (Suck my d**k)
How it taste? Kinda like your b*t*h right?
Cause I f**ked her in my backseat last night
We was whippin in the foreign, but on some real sh*t
Man, that chick kinda boring
Haha, sike nah (Haha)
That's the end of my bars, so let the hook sing yuh
Miss Madi better do her thing
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