YNW Sakchaser

"Speaking Fax"

World so f**ked up man
U gotta have a strong heart man
Don’t ever let these f**k n***as think u
Whatever they say or anybody
Don’t matter how important n***as seem 2 u
Get in between wut u thinkin
Whatever u believe in n***a u strive 4 that sh*t
Nobody can tell u different
Nobody, ya mom, nobody
Believe in God
Put yo mind 2 dat sh*t
And watch when da outcome come (on god)

I don’t know why so many people change up
I don’t know why so many people show some fake love
And everything I come around some people always bring jealousy but it don’t mean nothin
But I know I got faith in people

And God put me on Earth just to put me on this earth just to let these people know that you special

Why u workin 9-5 wasting time
U can go out 2 anywhere and f**kin shine
Why u out here wasting time robbin n***as
Man that u sh*t u was ‘pose to do when u was f**kin little!
Got my n***as sittin down in f**kin prison dawg
See I really don’t like 2 get up in my feelings dawg
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