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"Nacho Cheese"

Ay, yee, yuh, yuh, yuh
Turn me ooh ay
Ugh ew, ugh ay
(Do that trem-)

This is nacho cheese
That is cheese dip
All my jeans ripped
Walk with a limp
n*ggas smokin' on skimps
While we smokin' on blimps
When I keep up
It's impossible to [?]

Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Buck, getty spaghetti
I f*ck ya ho, if she let me
She hold me like a teddy
Why these hoes, they so petty
Slayin' b*tches like I'm Freddy
Got one eye like I'm Fetty
Yo' main b*tch look like Mrs. Piggy
Do you got a dolla'
Dunk Igoudala'
Heard you like to swallow for that Gucci, Fendi, Prada
I need money, I need guala
Juicy J, pop my colla'
Eat this meat, chimichanga
Roundhouse call it Rhonda
I need a big ol' freak bi-
Bad b*tch, double d's
Why is these n*ggas bitin' my steez
Say "Wassup, do you want cheese?"
They say I sound like a creep
Do you want to play hide and seek?
Let me grab my football cleats
Give me that pus*y, Uber eats

Nacho cheese let me get up in 'dem cheeks
Free boneless wings from a b*tch in Twin Peaks
I got old cougars, housewives
Call her NeNe Leakes
I'ma f*ck her on the sheets
Big dog, where my treat? *growl*
I'm like bam, bam. I know you want some
Chewin on this di*k just like a piece of bubble gum
I'm about my chips b*tch, you can keep the crumbs
Smokin on that backwoods, you smokin' on [?]
Smokin loud, instrumental
On the clouds, wit' a fiddle
You smoke midget, Malcolm in the Middle
Choppa make a n*gga dance like he on a Triller

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