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"Percocets & Alcohol"

I just need my space right now

[Verse: CEO]
I can't help myself at all (Self at all)
Percocets and alcohol (Percocet)
I won't lose, my steel won't fall
30 on a Adderall, we up
Ayy, booted up, gettin' dome in a XL Uber truck
I'ma have to fool with the cash, run it up
I wouldn't be here if I didn't tell you somethin'
If I didn't bring somethin'
Then I'ma be there knockin' down your door
I know that you've been on my mind, said I can't even let you go
Gang, that's a real one
I'ma roll another blunt, I'ma face one
I'ma hold the sauce in like I'm A1 (A1)
If you wanna make somethin', you gotta pay somethin' (Pay somethin')
The way you're lookin' at a n*gga, we gon' make one
Facedown, ass up, pull your legs front
I ain't never change even when the fame come (When the fame)
Good everywhere, I never have my chains up (No, no)
Real n*gga since day one (Day one)
Try to throw it, ho, say somethin'
Play your cards, don't play one
High on the line like Akon (Hey)
I'm on the map (I'm on the map)
Glock in my hands (Glock in my hands)
Whip in my hand, I am the man
Give me a chance to be your man

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