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"Cookie Shop"


[Verse 1: ZaeHD]
Uh, f*ck it, ridin' ’round town in a drop
Headed to the cookie shop
Like Andrettis, let me shoot my shot (Ooh)
Got some new drip today
sh*t so hard, ain't even in stock (Naw)
Bad b*tch from home stalk
pus*y n*gga knock over mines, he shocked (Ain't gonna lie, that’s another one)
Thumbin' through all of these checks (Do it)
Tattoos all on my neck
Birds flyin' out of the nest (b*tch)
Sex on the private jet
That pus*y like a baseball
Hit so hard, think I play for the Mets (Hit)
They didn't drive, take the traction off
Slide so hard, damn, I almost wrecked (Damn)
b*tch, I'm one of a kind (Uh-huh)
Got two Rollies, still can't tell the time (Okay)
Don't f*ck with no pigs, don't f*ck with no swine
She belong to the streets, so you know she ain’t mine
I should say next, I’m just tryna rhyme
Um, CEO, that's my slime (Slang)
Lil’ Sean waste no time (Okay)
Say he up in his prime (Okay)

[Verse 2: CEO]
Views at the top of the hill
Finna pour up, let me pop that seal
High off life, I ain't takin' no pills
Been had racks, ain't got sign no deals (Haha)
Scotty 2 Hotty, I can’t feel my body (Let's go)
On a PJ, smokin' 'Woods with the pilot
Think I drunk too much, think I need to go potty
Will you wake me up? Rise and shine like Kylie
Finna blow up, this a HighDef bubble
Put it in her tummy, make her Futsal Shuffle
Ring so big, can't see my knuckle (Let's go)
Me and Zae like Sonic and Knuckles
All of this drip, don't slip in the puddle (In the puddle)
I ain't tryna talk, no kissin', no cuddle (No, no, no)
When I eat steak, I'ma eat it with butter
I'ma call you Billie Jean, you is not my lover
Walk around Fairfax, big bands in my pockets (Big pocket)
I don't wanna f*ck, lil' b*tch, I want noggin
When I started rappin', I said, "f*ck college"
In the Batmobile, like, n*gga, run Robin
Early bird gets the early worm
Hit it from the back, sweatin' out her perm
Need my money on time, Big Worm (Big Worm)
All the snow bunnies used to do my midterm (Yah)

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