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"Grandmas Chilli"

Who that? Tro?

[Verse 1: ZaeHD]
Uh, all the damn dollars make your b*tch wet, uh
One night stand, gimme good sex, uh (Uh-huh)
Took a b*tch to Paris on one jet
Make a b*tch a dog, make her my pet, uh
Push to start on the Lamborghini (Skrrt)
Met her last night, her name was Nini
Got dome in the middle of Peachtree
Stretch a n*gga like a damn Slinky

[Verse 2: CEO]
I don't wanna hear your song, lil' n*gga, keep your CD
I'm at the top, go poof like a genie
Gettin' freaky in the shower, I'ma call that b*tch Mimi
In the 392, Ford Taur', I'm goin' high-speed
Man, what is we doin' today? You not a scammer
You're not a robber, you walk in the room, you gon' lose the case
You is not fightin' no demons
You swear that that drink and them Percs gon' ease the pain

[Verse 3: ZaeHD]
In the party, my n*ggas gon' tee up
Might f*ck around and get a young n*gga beat up (Mm)
At my n*gga's place, so you know I'ma eat up
Where the real n*ggas? Might f*ck around and link up
Who met a n*gga like me? (Like me)
Pearly whites, I got good teeth (Uh-huh)
One button, I ain't got no case
Spent twenty just to get this mink (Okay)

[Verse 4: CEO]
Free Bobby Shmurda
I'm a high n*gga, where my young n*ggas at? On the block, n*gga
Overly slick 'cause the feds they be watchin' (They be watchin')
Never switch up on the gang, that's the policy (That's a no)
In the money game like EA (Like EA)
Tryna work for that pus*y, you a cheesecake (You a cheesecake)
We gon' knockoff his balance like PH (Krrah)
Yeah, we run from the narcs like a relay (Zoom)
I got LED lights in the bedroom when it's time to get freaky
Gon' give her best shots like Ricky (Ricky)
f*ck and make a movie, put it on the TV
And I ain't on the sad sh*t, n*gga, like Drizzy (Like Drake)
When it's time to slide, n*gga, put on the Heelys
I really wanna cheesesteak, might slide to Philly (Philly)
Or I might just pull up on my grandma for the chili
Oh my god, grandma makes some good-ass chili

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