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"Ain’t Worried"

Ayy, CJ

[Verse 1: CEO]
I walk around like I am the man (Yeah)
Turns out (What?), I'm the man
You can see it in a demon
I'm creepin'
Her panties is leakin'
Leave the scene, I'm fleetin'
I'ma send 'bout ten dawgs
That can have you up on a shelf
Karate chop, Black Belt
Hot boy, I might melt
I ain't worried 'bout a n*gga help
Free my cousin out the cell (Out the cell)
Profit comin' in the mail (Mail)
I never take a L (No)
I'm big dog status (What?)
n*gga, f*ck that scale (n*gga, f*ck that scale)
n*gga, why you mad at me? (Why?)
'Cause I f*cked your b*tch? (Ha)
'Cause you walked in on her (Damn)
While she suckin' my di*k? (Ah)
That's a Kodak moment
Let me take this flick
Trunk lows in the Hummer
We ain't worried 'bout sh*t (No)

[Verse 2: ZaeHD]
We ain't worried 'bout sh*t (Huh?)
Especially not 'bout a b*tch (Naw)
The hood called you a snitch (Okay)
Let me give you a stitch (Bah)
Baseball, I'ma hit (Hit)
Take your sh*t, you a lick
Rollie, Patek, wrist pink (What?)
You n*ggas broke like hitch
Ayy, broke like hitch (Hitch)
b*tch, let's make a flick (Uh-huh)
Drums like Nick (Grrah)
Not the one like the Rick (Roof)
Sellin' di*k at the show (White)
b*tch, where's the blow?
'06, where's the dro?
Backwoods from the store (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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