Blackmouse I Have You lyrics

Emperor X

Please bite my wrist, don't make it hurt and I won't twitch
I'll linger on it, I'll gladly show you my ID
And when it's wrong, I'll change the date and carry on
Outside the locked gate, in storms and showering abuse on ancient laws
Code what we never use our paws for eating we don't trust that they're glowing
Warm and nice, sprinting mice, and creatures with wings that we've never seen here
No it's not bats 'cause we killed those last year
Crush their claws, roaming laws in slumbering stacks on a creepy staircasе
Dust mites and wax and asbestos lung face
Wеt yellow tiles, Cold slabs and carpet rolls for miles
I'll keep my limbs here, I'll sleep against clustered in a ball
And the pictures we saw at school were strange
And we gave them anthropomorphic coats and names
But the gratitude didn't show 'cause they're not tamed
And you heard a feud in the wall, in the ceiling
And I hope my temputure regulates
And the drink bar's open they keep it stocked and safe
It won't be closing, so don't strain!
The welcome center now was bright, late at night
I'm beggin' the cops for an execution, stating my name at the library café
All night, slept upright
I never want Daniel to see me this dead
Hangin' my hopes on a haggardy homestead
Acts of my execution
And then I'll speak til' it's too cold to speak
Then I'll get up and I'll walk around with you
And I'll bang on doors with you
And I'll gnaw on pens with you
And I'll shiver next to you
We can share a heat ray too
157052 718492 21-142 6 Homeostasis!

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