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Bf: Taxi! Hey, Taxi!
Gf: Really, It's okay, We can just get Burgers...
Bf: No way, The Girlfriend!
I know you've wanted to try that new sushi place the next town
Over for weeks now...
And this is the day it happens!
... Once we get a ride

(Breaking news: A car exists somewhere)


Gf: Oh, Hey Mom!
Mom: Hey, Sweetie!
Mom: Hello, The Boyfriend
Bf: Alright, We're here
Mom: Seatbelts aren't my style, neither are seats

[ Please wear seatbelts at all times while in a moving vehicle]
- The "Don't get RECD sued" Foundation

Mom: So, Where ya goin?
Bf: Can you, Uh
Drop us off at Nene's Sushi N' Sides, Please?

[Song Starts - Satin Panties]

M: That depends, you ready to sing for it?
Bf: This boyfriend would do anything for it!
M: Well look at you, Mister Big Spender
Takin' The Girlfriend out for a Buffet?
Bf: I'm actually not a big spender...
We're eatin' there cos it's half-price today!
M: Don't you know her daily diet
Costs way more than a nobody like you makes?
Bf: I just know she wants to try it
I'll get her there no matter what it takes!

(Both) My little baby girl deserves the world
And I'm makin' sure she gets it
Served on a silver plate!
Sauteed, Seasoned to taste!

M: And her needs extend far past dinnertime!
Enterainment, gadgets, diamonds, fancy wine and so much more!
Bf: Can't afford those now but there'll come a time
Enterainment, gadgets, diamonds, fancy wine and so much more!
(M: Sure you will)
M: And what happens if your singing work flops and dies?
Will my daughter end up destitute and terrified?
(Bf: She'll be there)
Bf: When make it big at last and I reach my stride
Your daughter's gonna be there with me, filled with pride
M: Then you're gonna need some backup dancers!
I can loan ya these ones for pretty cheap
Bf: Think I'll pass on rentin' backup dancers!
These guys honestly look real dumb and weak!

(Both) Music can be a treacherous career
But you know when it's your passion
You've gotta give your all
Jump unafraid to fall!

M: Seems you're set on goin' big, livin' well...
If you don't I'll drag your sorry butt down to hell!
Bf: Bet I'm set on goin' big, livin' well...
(M: And I ain't Jokin~)
Bf: If I don't I'm ready to face the fires of hell!
M: It would seem the two of us are in agreement, then...
(Bf: Fire burnin so red hot they're smokin'!)
M: You'll have it all of never have a chance with her again!
Bf: It would seem the two of us are in agreement, then...
I'll have it all and become more to her than a boyfriend!

M: We'll see if you can live up to that!
Bf: I'm gonna be famous, and that't a fact!

[ Song ends - Satin Panties ]

Bf: I believe that's enough theb, um, Ma'am...
Mom: PSHH. I didn't know my daughter was dating such a killjoy
Mom: Oh yeah? Prove it

[Song starts - M.I.L.F.]

M: Let's get down on the floor!
This time, we're really funkin'
You'll be beggin for more
Once these hot beats start pumpin' out
Bf: I'll get down on the floor
When my girl feels like funkin'
She'll be beggin for more
Once my sweet tones start pumpin' out!
M: Any club worth its salt
Has a DJ
Pickin' up the bangers just right!
Bf: I'll be burnin' asphalt
Gettin' my girl
To the best club under the moonlight!
M: Follow the beat and you will find
The rhythm starts to bind
Your body to the dance floor
And all of a sudden, you're movin' now!
Bf: Follow the beat and you will see
Nobody sings like me!
My vocals hit the dance floor
And all of a sudden, they're groovin'
M: Yeah!~
Let's get this party goin' strong!
If my daughter's anything like me
She'll party all night long
Bf: Yeah!~
I'll keep this party goin' strong!
If your daughter's partyin' with me
She'll party all night!
M: Any boy with a brain
Is aware of parties
Never stop when the club closes!
Bf: You don't need to explain
What a house party is to me
Everyone knows it
M: Blast the beats real loud at 3 A.M
Wake the neighbors up at night again
Never apologize!
Freak 'em out with your eye
Cut 'em all down to size
Make 'em all terrified!
Bf: Blast the beats real loud at 3 A.M
Til the cops get called on you again!
Kindly apologize
Give 'em your sorry eyes
Sing 'em all lullabies
Go to bed terrified!
M: I knew you were a big buzzkill!
Gotta live for the thrill!
If you don't party hard enough for her
You know someone out there will!
Bf: I'm really not a big buzzkill!
But folks really aren't thrilled
When you play tunes real loud at night
Without the riches to foot the

(Both) Bills!
Guess it helps to be loaded up
With rockstar fame, cash
And several dark demonic magic skills!
(Bf: It's way harder to stay out of)
M: When we party now, It's at home
(Bf: Trouble when you're just a teen still!)
M: In our giant mansion where we blast the tunes to our fill!
Guess it's probably good
That you're responsible
Back when I was your age
I know that I was a real handful!

(Both) It's real fun to go wild
But it's better to know
When you're goin' too far
And let your mature, refined side show!

M: Any mom
Can tell their little girl's fallen
Into caring, soft capable hands
Bf: I feel calm
When your sweet little girl's callin'
For me and I answer her demands!
M: Well, I guess you're good to go
I'll drop you by the shore
Should be a good deal closed to
The place you guys were headed for!
Bf: Thanks for the transit, yo!
It helps out when you're poor
And it sure is good to know
You and I click with eachother more!

[Song ends - M.I.L.F]

Bf: WHEW! Finally made it!
Table for two, please
I'll be paying by-
Um... Where's my wallet?

Henchman: Who's dumb now?

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