XO Alone

"Through the Glass"


Rain drops fallin’ on the glass
All alone in the darkness where you at
I be in the sewer with rats
No heart girl my soul is painted black

I see you crying through the glass
Tried to hide it but I see through the mask
Tried to let go of my past
Now I got it trapped behind the glass


I feel the daylight on my skin
Locked me outside baby let me in
Can’t smoke no roach might melt my wrist
Hang me from a tree then you water it

Rose petals on the floor yea girl I need you
Blood in the bathtub I wanna bleed too
Putting poison in my body now I see you
Syrup in my sprite might add a little bleach too

All this blood on my wrist is disgusting
But I see it on you and it looks lovely
Everything I had you took it from me
Other side of the glass now you can’t touch me
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