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Edan Lyrics

MirrorLand (2019)


Die Cut (2018)

Infatuated (2017)

Don’t Look Down (2016)

Broadcast One (2015)

Broken Hearts Make Money (2015)


Statement of Intent (2012)

I Heard It Today (2009)

Now-Again Re:Sounds (Vol. 1) (2007)

Slow Your Roll Instrumentals (2007)

Chocolate Swim (2006)

The Audience's Listening (2006)

Funky Rhyming 7" Inch (2005)

Slow Your Roll (Japan Retail Version) (2004)

Dwight Spitz (2002)

Edan - Rap Beautician Single 7" (2002)

Emcees Smoke Crack Remixx / I'll Come Running Back 2 You (2002)

Emergency Rations (2002)

Sprain Your Tape Deck EP (2002)

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