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Alex Wiley

"MYO Freestyle"

Its been so long must have forgotten what they do around here
I grew up down the street but somehow i felt new around here
We used to row between and hopping trees and cruise around here
We used to win and loose and make a little moves around here

They make complains for a minute
I told them page all your feelings
This game done make me a menace
And I done been here the whole time
And you can go check the attendance
Been burning J's out the whole time
I f*ck a check up in Venice
Get on your snickers and roll out
They bought that sh*t on the online
They brought that sh*t a persona
I just had lunch and the moma
I'm a unique type performer
I drink this sh*t like a warm up

I run it up when I wanna
I choose to live like a stoner
I'm rolling different

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