Hot Boys
Spittin’ Game
[Intro: Turk]
Fresh. Slim, Baby. Hot Boys. Hot Boys in this b*t*h. Check it out

[Verse 1: Turk]
N***as steady getting chopped
Losin they life behind stupid sh*t
Ain't that a b*t*h
N***as, gettin' they wig split
And it's a shame
Killin' has became a fame
I cannot see my brains layin
On the ground
I keep my 9 on my waistline
Chop 'em down
Picks up the shells could leave no evidence around
And, it's t-shirt land
When n***as ain't playin'
Got a chrome Glock got it c*cked
Red dot on yo' knot
As I pop
'Til you drop
Pronounced dead
On the spot
It's a tragedy when I spin' yo f**kin' block
A n***a, from BlackConnect
Will leave ya wet
Fa' sho yo' face is on the next
If ya disrespect
I ain't fakin' it, yo' life I'm takin' it
Hollow points bullets racin' it
N***as ain't makin' it
When I bust
Tell it to any n***a chopper bullets you can't trust
If you bust, when I spray
Head for shelter
10% is gonna help ya, 90 is gonna fail ya
A lot of punk n***as try to play hard
Put yo' face on a fresh tee sendin' that a** to the morgue
Better be cool if you don't, that's all on you
[Verse 2: Bullet Proof]
16 worth a mill my whole clique push dope
Transportin' ki's in the all black Camero
50 G's on the seat, layin' next to my heat
I'm a Hot Boy to the police
And I'm a thug on the street
Yeah I score from Slim and B
10 a ki, real OG's, 36 oz's formed the halves
Goin' for 2 G's
UPT connect, bout stackin', leave ya wet
N***as who disrespect, my chopper put in check
Big body on broaders, that's all I know
Mansion on Washetona 6 figures on the floor
Double R and DR watched by Uptown security guards
10 G's a ki, 36 o's a piece
4 and a half, 2 G's, but I'll take 18
Got some n***as on my team bout head bussin' and green
Flippin' [?] G's, hoopties, to benzies
I get my ki's, from my uncle KC
He's a Magnolia soldier
Be in 10 in Angola
Shootout in that 'Nolia
Knock ya head off ya shoulders

[Verse 3: Juvenile]
I ain't about no playin'
When I'm comin' get out the way
Gun play, bussin' a n***a a** on the runway
Head straight back to the hot block
Flight in a half
If I'm out there bad I might cut you in half
UTP tatooed it, across my stomach stay booted
Look I'm a looter, holdin' the Ruger
Or a 6 shooter
On Tuesdays and Thursdays
You better watch for the sweep
Look them people gon' act a a** if you get caught in the street
I'm layin' off in some room by my b*t*h duckin' them people
Staked out the area, and rob the Chinese store
Do it like it's legal, I heard heads in power
B*t*hes want the dope d**k children and cop blockers
N***as in the cut with ski masks lookin' for me
I'm on top of the roof with a chopper watchin' em too
F**k with me your mans urge get in his curtains
Now send ya people
To the TC and we gon' hurt 'em
I'm seein' n***as
Shootin like that heavy on 'bauds and tens
I'm in the Chevy with B.G. and our girlfriends
Park 'round the corner leave ya gun and creep slow
Look b*t*h this ain't the night show, lay it down ho
Ya think I'm playin', ask Baby and Slim how I can
Hook me up I don't have time for no games
Look here I stompin' in this b*t*h
I'm chompin' a new fit
I'm bound to snatch a ho and make her monkey on this d**k
Look at what ya facin' partner
A whole nation
Of n***as that's mind damaged
Out here paper chasin'
With that iron I'ma roll wit em
Mama don't pray for me I don't back down from no n***a
They got a place for me
[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
See I want millions, hundreds and big thousands
Tryin' to rain clout and third ward public housin'
Uptown streets is where all my ends meet
Give me 9 9 G tryin' to see my destiny
I do it all to ball drop the phone if I call
See I'm livin' real large even though I'm real small
But don't let that fool ya
Money rules everything around me
Creepin up silent behind ya that's where ya find me
I ain't hear for a lil
I want the whole damn spot
I c*ck my Glock and have ya plot so I turn out to the top
N***a be runnin' with money
Things you doin', I done done it
9 9 point 5 mil big deals keep it comin'
Slugs hummin' chopper gunning catch the vapor from the laser
Infrared fled big bread money maker
Pop a slug barrel shaker for big paper
Big ballin' life taker for big caker
Ben Franklin, bank televancin' big bankin'
Bust 'em gankin', left stankin' ship sankin'
Ain't no such thing like see another n***a come up
But if I don't know that other n***a, then his come up is my stuff
Call it a bluff if you want, but come and test for ya own
See how quick model homes leave home and [?]
Roam to the top, slip up and get buck
Get out my way, fo' I spray
I'm tryin' to live up
[Verse 5: B.G.]
Young thugger, baby gangsta
Thug or get popped
Off top
Aim my pistol straight for headshots
I release the safety, if ya chase me
Best waste me
Don't hunt b*t*h down in ya way
Or ya make me
Reverse the game and wax that a**
Stop you from playin'
I clear yo block on that a**
N***a wonder why I stress
Uptowns the place
It's the best
We got weapons that'll go through ya vest
Get left wet
Disrespect it's beef fo sho
Got back up, from the Mac Melph Calio
You got coke, and don't wanna go broke
VL it
'Cause around me b*t*h I'm doin' bad ya can't sell it
B.G. terrorize
4 n***as ya dig
B*t*h n***as get split
If you got change on ya wig
I'll take the hit
Real fast and quick
226 my clique Cash Money the sh*t
Project heroes
Bout 6 zeroes
Makin' records is the front we got 10 kilos
Unload reload
If ya ball you fall
If I jack you I don't want half I want all
Stand tall for mine
Nuts hang I'm real
My skills outstandin'
Kill or be killed
N***as out to give me the blues
Let 'em kill me, I refuse
I'm down for killing
But the one of [edited] I was accused
I leave ya funky
I put my trunk-y
Hair by a monkey
So what ya self 'cause I'm down to act a donkey
In the N.O. town, jackers 3, 4 deep
Put ya sleep if ya playin' wit a QB