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Lil Playah


[Verse 1: Lil Playah & Autumn!]
These n***as, they not really 'bout it
My n***a really about it
She f**k with my 'cause I'm clouted
I f**k on that b*t*h then dip out it (Yeah)
These n***as, they really be lame (Bow)
No, no, not for the gang (Uh)
Give a f**k about what you be sayin' (Uh)
Just be loyal and stick to the plan (Oh)
I'ma pop out with a new b*t*h
I'ma get rich, he is a snitch (Snitch)
n***as be hatin' (Yeah), I know that they wish
Can't get like this (Yeah), my diamonds like p*ss
For my brodie, I'll ride, sh*t, I'm gonna slide
We up the score, you get hit with a rife'
She tried to touch me, you know he gon' die (Yeah)
And I keep a toolie, you know I don't lie (Yeah)
I run to the money, like Sonic
You stupid (Woah) if you think I'm lackin'
You stupid (Woah), know you ain't 'bout action (Woah)
Just stop all that cappin' (Woah, woah)
I gotta get to the millions
I give a f**k about an opinion (Yeah, yeah)
I gotta get to the millions
I'm runnin' the money, I just love the feelin', uh (Woah, woah)
Yeah, I got a lot on my mind (Woah)
I don't got the f**king time (Woah, woah)
Disrespect, get shots like it's swine (Yeah)
Look at my watch, I'm doin' fine (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
All that sh*t, I can't rewind (Woah, woah)
No, you cannot take what is mine (Woah)
I'm on the road, I'm doin' shows
Diamonds like water, diamonds like boat
Diamonds, they sick, don't got a cold
I'ma stay ten motherf**kin' toes
Feel like Sub-Zero, you know that I'm froze
All of these ho's, you know they on go (Yeah, yeah)
I spilled the lean on the kicks
I just want the neck, baby, that's it, yeah
Not #2, I'm the sh*t (Woah, woah)
He's flexin' money, he is a lick, yeah (Woah)
Silly rabbit, you a trick (Damn)
I make her scream, told her take it, uh (Yeah)
And then I go
[?], I might f**k your ho'
All these n***as, they know, they know I'm the truth
Like I'm Trey, I'm stuck in the booth
These n***as be lame, I'm hittin' the stains
I'm knockin' him out of his shoes (Woah)
I don't know how many times I've been in the f**kin' booth
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