Drunk face/all I know/bloody valentine

Machine Gun Kelly

(drunk face)
I'm still young wasting my youth
I'll grow up next summer
I'm back on that girl I quit
I should've lost her number

I'm overcompensating for heartbreak
Think I swallowed somethin' that's in a heart shape
Her hands on my chest feeling my heartbeat
She's spilling her drink all on my car seat
She'll get attached and then trap me
Then I gotta act like I'm happy
She posts pics to get at me
Déjà vu, just like last week

(all I know)
They tell me
All I know is I don't know nothing
All I know is I don't know nothing at all
People talk but they don't say nothing
All I know is I don't know nothing at all

No license I'm still riding
Crashed into a tree and kept driving
My labеl hates that I'm like this
I gotta go through sh*t to keep writing
All thesе girls, I don't want none of them
But I know I'll end up with one of them
My life on the outside is fun to them
But the person on the inside is crumbling

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