Denzel Curry

"Slump God 64"

DJ Patt on the beat
Captain Crunch presents

[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
Free Nell, Free Slikk
Back in the day when a n***a trip six
Now a n***a trip scene
On the Internet tip
I talk about the internet chick
Let me get back on topic
On how Curry was the top pick
To hold the whole sun in his hands till he drops hot sh*t
I got the game interlocked swift in a box sucked in
'Cause I'm thinking outside of it
That's how I got a house and a whip
Some n***as shout f**k for the cream
Floss like a river at the dentist
Lifestyle imaginary who will f**k your image
All you n***as only in it for the motherf**king scrimmage
Put that on lotto mane
Why all them n***as all sound the same
Like pinky you better use your brain
Focus on the past only make you lame
Black metal jackets full metal jackets
f**king with the kilo like Allen I'm blasting
Thinking about my passion I'm sick of being passive
Pastor you ain't even got the f**king answers
Kanye West it, Smith & Wesson
Blasting on these motherf**kers ducking like aflac
Here's to the other slave running for Aztec (Aye)
On acid f**king my heart no batches (Aye, aye)

[Interlude: Ski Mask The Slump God]
Hahahaha Thank you, Curry
Yuh, yuh

[Verse 2: Ski Mask The Slump God]
Like a truck with me
Do a buck fifty
If she f**k with me
Then she stuck with me
What you doing I'm busting busting busting busting busting I'm busting
pu**y n***a cross eyed sipping on tussin'
Got a new b*t*h, sound like Siri, she Russian
She tried to suck and suck my d**k just like a musket
You're my whore, ayy, you're my whore, ayy
Diamonds they got acne blackheads I'm on par
I don't need the car, I got face card, ayy
Diamonds walk it out up on your boulevard
Okay, like your b*t*h be killing me
Said that she feeling me
Jet like I'm big that b*t*h into me, mmm
Pockets Yo Gotti, they hopped in the Mase'
My chain is a sin cuz it's killing me, ayy
My n***a Xen got the pistol piece
My n***a Curry don't keep the peace, uhh
This is the gift that I give to ye, uhh
Drown in designer my necklace piece b*t*h

[Verse 3: Craig Xen]
n***as in the cut who head f**ked ayy, AYY, AYY, AYY, AYY!
b*t*h I do this for my n***as in the cut
Who head f**ked up
Ain't never had to clutch
A pistol we'll stomp
That n***a will cut
Straight through his jugular
They drag him through that mud
Burn his body up
My n***as don't move in silence
We in the venue we riot
f**k n***a need I remind you
Xen ain't no wavy I'm virus
Spreading the chaos so layup and stay out the Lambo you about to get tucked (tucked)
Talking and bumping them guns
I'm coming in coming you pu**y get f**ked (Aye)
n***a know that
If and when your pistol loaded
You can never kill a soldier
If it ain't his time to go yet
Now let that simmer in
Cuz I been planning it
Who trying to bring Xen in
But they just can't finish him (Aye)
Shoutout to my brothers who gonna fight for they vision
They gotta fight to stay alive in this life we living

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