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Denzel Curry


On the west side screaming, "Thug life"
Like I ran off on the plug twice
Ain't no lies, I ain't like Plies
f*ckin' mad hoes might be my vice
She my type, but she unknown
Not bright, but she know I'm on, man
She said she want all of me
That pus*y keep callin' me
She’s gon’ throw that ass back just like a shoe that's thrown by Cardi B
These n*ggas got no game they on JV, and I'm on varsity
Pass, pick up, smash, ash, stash, switch up
Glad bag, mad thicker, gag gag gag, pick her
If she ever wanna 69, she a cancer
If she only with you for the money, she a scammer
She can be a freaky b*tch and put it on a camera
Wave around the pus*y like a motherf*ckin' banner
Flag on the play, ooh
Turn my swagger on today, ooh
New ZXLTRON on the way
Catch your bae comin' over, andele
But I never let her stay unless she into anime, yeah

I would sing on the outro but I- I honestly don't know what to sing about
I really don't know what to sing about
Freebase asked me to do that sh*t and I f*ck with freebase

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