Yung Simmie

"Da Lyricist (Freestyle)"

This a cool beat, same guy, it ain't a new me
New school, got new screws, she wanna screw me
A groupie, big booty hoppin out the hoopty
Who he? got b*t*hes staring like they knew me
White-tees from the corner store, f**k gucci
It ain't gotta be Halloween to get spooky
Redbone, make her slurp d**k like a smoothie
Stuffin' her, then i stuff weed in my doobie
If cops get behind, she put the weed in her coochie
Ghetto chick, she will rob your wife for hеr rubies

n***as come around and wanna leech off the bеnefits
These rap n***as is my sons, i can't babysit
Mumble rap n***as ain't f**kin with the lyricist
Straight bars, that's imprisonment, can't visit it
These n***as scared, heartbeat like an instrument
Experiment, on my chemist sh*t, make the drank mix
n***as settle down if you ain't talkin bout a settlement
Mood swings, i smoke a blunt with my therapist
Arrogant, i can't let you take me out my element
Worldwide, i even got a plug in connecticut
I'm plugged in-
You can get at me i'm connectin sh*t

New bands, no new friends, i don't shake hands
I don't see you n***as, ray charles with the ray bans
At the party i be posted up like i can't dance
Bob marley couldn't roll a spliff up like i can
I be in the sand like a soldier out in iran
Eyes low, like a n***a coming out of thailand
Wet a n***a up, now he searching for dry land
n***as tried to run, but they slipped in that quicksand
Came with the tools, i'm equipped man
Get it and i go, i'm a quick man
Came with that pack like a gift man
I'mma hit my target, i'm the hitman
Pull off in that foreign, i'm the whip man
I'll flush the toilet on you n***as, i'm the sh*t man
Came for my nickels and my dimes, i'm the tip man
These n***as slippin, so the advice get a grip man
These n***as waiting, i'mma need mine's on demand
I'm a artist, paint the picture off top, that's freehand
Getting to the money, i'm in love with the free bands
His b*t*h on my line keep saying "he a cheap man"
Heard what she said, i replied, "he ain't me man"
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