Ruben Slikk

"Boss Player Mac Interlude"

Boss player mac, day county n***a
Astro smoking purple kush, it's familiar
All vanilla dutches and you know a n***a gookin'
On the block, on the block, yeah i'm (?) (?)
Got the pure snow, the quarter of the brick
Hopscotch with the white and now my paper thick
Hogging all the food, a n***a gotta eat
Ever since I was a jit I had to powder skeet
Chop it with the cut, them junkies sniff it up
They catch a nose bleed, but I don't give a f**k
Straight player mac, i'm sloppin down the stacks
Ya'll chicken ass n***as sloppin down the cat
Gucci tennis shoes, gucci had to match
Gucci belt, double G's in my backpack
Louis v shades, louis v shoes, told the hoe to suck a d**k yeah she on the news

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