"Picture Me Rollin’ (Remix)"

[Verse 1]
Picture me rollin' on a bike, that's my life
Could be makin' millions off a rap but they ain't treatin' me right
They saw me, killin' rappers wouldn't call me
Couple years I promise labels gon' be hard to get 'em off me
In a coffin where they wanna see me, ain't gon' happen
'Cause hoopin' wasn't payin' the bills so I started rappin'
Hoopin' wasn't payin' the bills so you started trappin'
Got to clappin' now you in the system beggin' for a fraction, n***a tragic
I been thinkin' 'bout it lately
I'm tryna get this money have me trust fund babies
I ain't gotta die to do it n***as can't play me
On the daily when I see you man its f**k you pay me
Know it's crazy
Momma told me n***as wanna see me fail
Tell me shoot same n***as wouldn't post me for the bail
That's the truth needed proof, so I found me one instead
n***a lied now he lost where he at, he f**kin' dead
b*t*h n***a
But I can't tell you snitch so I had to keep it quiet
Them n***a lied to my face they f**kin' don't even like him
Those b*t*hes lied to my face they f**kin' don't wanna wife 'em
I had to walk it alone and now they actin' like 'em
Dax a savage a known fact
Call my phone I hangup don't callback
You wasn't there when I was ridin' bike
But now you wanna come ride in the life, right
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