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"It Goes Up Freestyle"

[Intro: Wrekonize]
Yeah, 31
It  Goes Up edition
And  I brought friends this time

[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
The wicks lit fire it up like a John wick clip
Rip sh*t rhymers are hype as a hibiscus
Live  this every night, grinding, we like wiz kids
Sickness  all in my lining, it's quite cryptic
Rap patterns that batter them like hammers and
Amateurs  can't hang with shenanigans, try grappling
Handle them like baggage that shatters, we magnanimous
Ravenous, can't slang with the hatters that bang Alices
Better be on your job 'cause you might f*cking need it
Lazy  motherf*ckers cry to be the zenith
You really think it's just scenic when you've become the phoenix
But how can you stomach the heat if you're bulimic?
We run with elitists that's known to reek of genius
Ain't a secret we been the meanest, the coldest in the genus
Double helix, it's in my DNA to be twice the meanest
Christ defeated demons, strategic trying to find the weakest

[Verse 2: Bernz]
Ooh, vacay for like days
When Tech N9ne called and he asked for MAYDAY
Ubi dax and Kaliko all came
Now the whole damn club is f*cking or engaged
Tour of duty so unruly
Saving all the stories for when we makin' the movie
Tearing up the crowd every night, it's a thing of beauty
'Til we in the afterparty and smoking too many doobies, b*tch
Shouts to security for all the drinks
I think I need me a sabbatical after this sh*t
I know you think you know but homie it's a f*cking myth
No one could ever really understand the life we live
Love me or leave me alone
Is now the only attitude I'm feeling when I perform
Feel like I'm in a dream team and a nightmare to y'all
So don't wake up if I sleepwalk

[Verse 3: Dax]
Yeah, uh, I need a dollar for every person who doubted me
To buy my soul back from the people who took it out of me
Independent greatness embedded, I'm on my Master P
I'm tryna stack it higher for n*ggas who coming after me
I got a couple things I want to discuss
Why's masculinity defined by n*ggas acting so tough
Why is my happiness reflected by me buying so much
And spending money on these women when it's never enough?
Introspective had to peep it from my new perspective
Half of the sh*t they told me was a lie, and they was so deceptive
I was never one to make connections, yeah, I lack reception
Promised I would get it on my own and never be dependent
So who you answer to?
I answer to God
No entity, man-made machine, no fraud
I'm the CEO so see me go far
No rap, no cap, that's facts, it's Dax

[Verse 4: Ubi]
I can't deny it
Why try it? I'm a veteran
I don't know why you hyping like you better than
And you can try and hide it but no
I'm kinda psychic like Eleven is
A lot of rappers writing, but they type is quite repetitive
I'm selfish with the bars
In private life I'm generous
I can't entertain y'all silly diatribes and rhetoric
The game's a motherf*cker, we idolize an Oedipus
Tell leadership that we we desire higher benefits
I'm holding my breath
Y'all know the rest
Older ex member show up
Still hoping we coalesce
It's over, go with regret
They say that all of that hate is affecting your brain chemistry
Uh, I tell them that they can expect the same energy
Yeah, came to collect and drain
Taking your breath away
They caress your flesh and then take a rest in the Everglades
Favored and decorated greater when separated
Every day and second I gave it labor and effort made it yeah

[Verse 5: Krizz Kaliko]
I been way too generous and general people all on my genitals
Mentally bent and the fentanyl's hit and got no sense at all
And pimple popped that incident thinking we just defending it
Internet's undefeated and exposing secrets so intimate
Don't lead too far away into it
Gotta flip with a dismount
Don't flinch when it gets out
Everybody, anybody been getting it, Krizz for the discount
But me and N9NA the payday
On the way with Mike and ¡MAYDAY!
They say us get the boot and shoot
And you believe what they say
Stacks with Dax, we get plaques, y'all relaxing
Relax, don't make me act black 'bout that action
Rap class with badass kids and tongue lashing
Get your fat ass in bed by 10 and quit rapping
And easily could make a nonbeliever say it's so
It's a sequel but it's equal to the sh*t I said before
It's okay if you just say what you say, you don't really know
You need some proof, you need some proof
Let Kali Baby say it's so

[Verse 6: Tech N9ne]
I ain't even gotta say nothin'
'Cause I stay bussin', never nay bluffin'
All you gotta do is hit the play button, I'ma spray glutton
Don't you worry 'bout the pay cut and who the A. f*ckin'
I'm Va J crushin', but I'm lay hushin'
Raise up and then I'm way buzzin' when I'm hey puffin', cray clutchin'!
Man, I been given the gift (Ayy)
And I been gettin' the grip (Ayy)
Grand I be livin' in fantasy vision, how can I be missin' the chips? (Woop)
With no guts, it's no bucks get no plus
Just go buss wit' no f*cks, it goes up
I'm sick and tired of this motherf*ckin' sh*t
You n*ggas liars comin' thug and suckin' di*k
And then it expires 'cause it wasn't what it spit
All your subbin' stuff it quits
No more bluffing plug exists (Ayy)
To dominate the industry's been a race (Pyune)
They tryna kill me then call it a cold case
But wait, they cannot close it on Yates
He's y'all fate so if you don't open the case
I'ma unload in your f*ckin' face (Tim Roth 'Pulp Fiction')

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