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What I said before
This is a sport
Only the strong survive
My name? ITS DAX!
You know what time it is
XXL, what's up?
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Name a n*gga who can do it better
Name a n*gga rappin' in a Wife Beater
Instead of a f*cking Gucci sweater
UK, gettin' double cheddar
Everything is double measure
Even when I'm ridin', it's in double-deckers
Let down, but I won't let up
You must heard that I'm the best
So you stop, cause' you can't catch up
No choice b*tch, you must let us
They say that pressure builds diamonds
I guess that I'm applyin' pressure
My name's Dax b*tch, three letters
You Peter Pan little n*gga, why? You will never-
-Land anywhere in my pedigree
A hundred flows attached to me, they call me "Centipede"
Tryna' beat me is a stretch, just like a Limousine
Got rid of all my dogs, cause' of b*tch tendencies
n*ggas tryna' put out my flame, I'm spittin' kerosene
b*tches tryin' to lie bout' they age, I know you seventeen
I'm done with it
All this rap sh*t, and what comes with it
You ain't got a job, can't come in it
You know what I'm comin' with
Rap hoop sing like I'm juggling
I ain't f*ckin' playing like a jungle gym
No, I ain't mumblin'
Conscious rapper actually bubblin'
Own my own masters and publishing
I'm locked in like a baby in a car, I stay buckled in
Rappin' for three years so when they meet me, it's humblin'
BBC, yeah, big black confident
BBC, hunh, broke b*tches commentin'
I don't need you n*ggas, like most of these colleges
Born an MC, so I don't need your acknowledgment
Sacrifice my time for this sh*t, no offerin'
Eight figure deal if a label wanna offer him
Say I ain't killin', check receipts, check doc*ments
So many lines you could snort my accomplishments
Cocaine flow
Brought it back, b*tch n*gga, this that
Rogaine flow
I think fast, move fast, just like Usain Bolt
n*ggas thought this was a game
Connect four to your chest, you talk sh*t, you get checked mate
You ain't check mate?
I averaged twenty back in college
Led the league, you wanna hoop? bet, checkmate
You'll get a twenty-piece, even on my worst day
Get dunked and fried and I'll even get the check mate
f*ck ass like I ain't built this sh*t
My career ain't no virgin, one hit, bust quick
Wrist wet, like I'm rubbin' the clit
If I'm a clown you the cir--cus
You can't rap on my cir--cuit
I pop up on google sear--ches
When you ask who the best rapper on the earth is
DAXOFFICIAL.COM is where my merch is
Go buy a T-shirt right now, it's worth it
So make a pur--chase
Support a real n*gga movin'
Yeah I knew I had the juice when my dreams turned lucid
Less than four years in, I'm goin' loco
4 Loko, pop out in Wife Beaters no Polo
n*ggas call me pus*y? Nine lives, f*ck yolo
10k a post if you tryna' get promo
Got my sh*t jumpin' like I'm rappin' on a pogo
n*ggas make excuses like a straight dude sayin' "No homo"
I'm not nice
That's cause' my flow is mean
Hot fire, that's why nobody holdin' me
Gettin' head's the only time you'll take my soul from me
In my bag like some muhf*ckin' groceries
Don't cross me cause' I am not a rosary
f*ck rap, all my sh*t is like poetry
On top, where a young n*gga supposed to be
IT'S DAX! That's how know it's me
Who do it better?
Bring rain durin' the May weather
Punchlines knock you out, leave you asleep in the stretcher
pus*y tight, have to stretch her
Get Rihanna's umbrella
This light, doin' curls with these bars to get a sweat up
Whatchu' heard?
Some sh*t up off the internet?
Bunch of n*ggas talkin' who have half of my intellect
I'm playin' on the holy field
I got God throwin' "Hail Mary"
Passes the devil couldn't even intercept
Watch how I misdirect
Me and rap met for each other, if I die, she die
"Romeo and Juliet"
n*ggas been super slept
Sayin' pipe down
I'm bout' to unclog the game like a nose with some Mucinex
Bars like a di*k in a pus*y, yeah they do connect
Comin' for you just like your bills, yeah I do collect
Tryna' do me wrong is like an iPhone spellcheck
I will not hesitate to auto, hit, click and correct
Everybody gettin' sent
Foldin' like a cheap tent
I'll be here longer than a nun in a convent
Raps missin' bars, skill and lacks content
I mastered all three and dispersed them into concepts
Simple and complex
Blowin' like a bomb vest
Files too big, even Windows couldn't compress
I be mad consistent like the periods you girls get
Something like commercials, how I'm comin, cause' I'm on next
Flow ripper, and gorilla
I keep goin', I got no fillers, and no filter
This ain't SnapChat
Rubber band bars how they bounce back
I don't rap free, link below for the CashApp
I don't just fast rap
You people gon' remember me like flashbacks
Find another, I'm like a needle that's in a haystack
You kinda like a mumble rapper face tat
Face facts
Quick to react like my n*gga, f*ckin' Layedbak
Hunh, yeah, this how I'm comin' on 2020
Chasin' erythin', unless I'm drinkin' f*ckin' straight Henny
Poppin' out on n*ggas like confetti
Spittin' bars in a mumble rapper era
Even though it's not trendy
I ain't scrapin' over motherf*ckin' pennies
Every song I f*ckin' touch
Is gettin' strung out like some goddamn spaghetti
I'ma go and buy that goddamn Bentley
I don't care if I can't afford it, like that n*gga name Henry
These bars heavy
You can get worked like massage envy
Truck yo' f*ckin' ass like a semi
I'm proud of my work, no Fendi
I'm Canadian my n*gga, but do not get it twisted
That don't mean I'm friendly
I'm gifted like lefties
If you try to steal my flow, you'll get sued like Betty
This is raw, not catchy
Shout out Puma cause' they give me free kicks like Messi
Off top, yeah I'm comin' off my head like some Becky
I don't miss this month, I'm 4 for 4 like some Wendy's
Times five for a feature if you want it that's twenty
Can't dodge it, no Hemy
Can't block me. no Jenny
I just might be the hottest of the goddamn century
You fried if you say otherwise, you'll get flipped on your sunnyside
Just like some eggs at a Denny's
That ain't wise, no penny
Uncivilized, I might just take a switchblade
And cut off both of your testes
I'm a, f*ckin' monster when it comes to this sh*t
You a banana if you think I'll split
We don't go together like two di*ks
Like AIDS n*gga, I'm too sick
Don't need sh*t, but my talent to get all these clicks
Ya'll for kids with ya' goddamn tricks
You only fire if you rub two sticks
I'm Doritos n*gga, I got chips
Lebron James with this rap, if they draft, b*tch n*gga, I'm first pick
Yeah, at this point, you corny if you call me corny
You got a f*cked up definition
See I'm the biggest Lil' rapper in the world
Because everybody knows just exactly what I'd do
With all the recognition
My IQ is the reason that my pen is different
Words all colors, I can see 'em on a television
Write inside my mind, they get processed
Made into these songs
That be solving world problems like they long division
f*ck! Gah!
I just rapped longer than some n*ggas careers
You could say I got "onion bars"
Don't believe me?
Go and watch "Dear God" and it'll bring you to tears
I go hard, f*ck a resolution, I don't need a new goddamn year
All that f*ckin' makeup, how the f*ck you gonna face your fears?
Fake like a set of veneers
Hit me one mo' time baby just like Britney Spears
This ain't an airplane runway, you are not in the clear
Puttin' pressure on you n*ggas like you one of my peers
You in the way, you gettin' hit, just like a deer
I use Visine, cause' I'm in a different tier
I'm a leader but I do not cheer
I got drive but I do not steer
I'll make you crash like a couple of beers
I'm exclusive like a f*ckin' premiere
IT'S DAX! Haha..

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