Daily Grind lyrics

The Lab Rats

[Verse 1]
It's the Lab Rats, doper than smack from out the pharmacy
It's like that raw tracks for your arteries
Pardon me, I'm gonna rock the boat until I start a scene
And at the same time try to keep my karma clean
I'm on a singing energy sent from my enemies
To feel at ease, I call it bitter sweet serenity
Knowledge of the centuries live like a Buddhist priest
Among the roots and trees to find the universe within a leaf
It's inner peace working to defeat this beast of burden
Peep the urgency within my words, God speed
Wheels are turning, burning like eternal flame
These verbal games got me swirling like a hurricane with a disturbing name
I watch the seas jump around like the House of Pain
Until the levy breaks who the hell we gonna blame
I'm on a different plane, level of existence
That exists in every sentence my pen hits

[Verse 2]
So peep the version of my vision
And get your spine j*rking like a perv with a mental condition
Living in prison, I've risen from the metaphysical
To shed a visible definitive view of the world in which we're living in
You might believe in everything that you perceive
That's only 10% of what your brain really conceives
This tiny little things remind me that we're brittle beings
That fiddle-f**k around until we shrivel at the seams
Merrily, life can be so trying on various levels we define dying
Try to defy it because it's terribly scary to think
Life will just end with a blink, and then your buried
But why is this world so wary, does America care? Barely
Louisiana thugs and the government sits starring
From shinning sea to prairie from prairie to the shore
This land is for the rich, life's a b*t*h if you're poor, come on

[Verse 3]
My engine blows steam, waiting for the light to turn green
Watching people drive by, looking lost in routine
Mean mugging, juggling cell phones and struggling
So many W bumper stickers I'm wondering
What's up with this government, are we under surveillance
You digging on Big Brother I'm thinking their aliens
Their taking over the globe and putting the fear in this
Delirious theories of a conspiracy lyricist
It's getting serious and I'm about to blow a gasket
Cause if the tables were turned it would be the world getting it's ass kicked
I'm doing back flips for petty cash, this sh*t is madness
I'm asking you to smack me if I ever act adapted
Yo, it's too competitive, Imma pop a sedative
And meddle in some meditative numb level headed sh*t
Sit and watch these rich rappers get repetitive
Killing the same concept no matter how dead it is, come on

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