What You See Is What You Get lyrics

The Lab Rats

[Verse 1]
I photo flash my habitat for the classless
It's Half Full Ashtrays, Half Empty Glasses
Scattered thoughts all laid across the mattress
This lyrical essence that with levitate the masses
sh*t, to get with this just dedicate your passion
To chains and whips and some sadomasochist action
Sick, sippin on Blatz, I blast my sh*t laughin'
Motor mouthed mad man, motivated molars hold you captive
We break it down to the fraction
Fact or fiction this mystic pimp sh*t is whats happening
I kick the loose linguistics
My tactics got you feeling hyperactive
The friction will start static
Within an instant sporadic
It's mathematical diction so listen to the laid back sermon
The Lab Rats comin' make way for the vermin

What you see is what you get
This reflection of time

[Verse 2]
Put the needle on the record I'm coming raw with the message
Keep your contraceptive the beat will be my protection
It's infection, style so sick it should be tested
Contest this, come on down and catch a lesson
Perplexin' this algebra tech will keep you guessing
Perfection, we keep it moving in the right direction
So just pause for a little bit commit a second
While I step up on the set and get Ready to babble a rhythm to rattle
And scramble the brain Gamble my sanity like a game
Imma ramble refrains till I find something that sticks
Up in the mix we won't stop till we got you kids pumping your fist
Jumping the fence to flock when we up in the mix
It's a long shot, probably not far from lottery odds
Don't bother with the gaudy facade
What you see is what you get
Man f**k a mirage


[Verse 3]
Because I'm not your typical type a d**k with a mic
Who thinks what he writes is meant for some big city lights
I've spent many nights itching for this sh*t to be right
Get on the stage and perform it like it's hip to be white
Hip to the square, middle finger flipped in the air
I said it before, I swear, damn nobody cares
Damn, nobody knows, the length that this lab rat goes
Borrowing money for gas just to get to the show
Hitting the streets on weeknights 20 degrees
Poster and poles, freezing from the blistering cold
Sniffling nose, hoping like we're get exposed
Hoping for every poster a record gets sold
Coping with stress, I'm feeling that's as real as it gets
It's the feeling that you get
You can feel it in your chest from holding your breath
K puts the needle to test
What you see is what you get, could it be any less


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