Fluid lyrics

The Lab Rats

[Verse 1]:

Let’s get down to brass tacks and rap about the facts of life
It’s like the whole world is delirious
Mysterious isn’t it? How we all cheer for weariness
Man, I’m serious, it’s eerie how weird it is. I’m fearing this
It’s like the end is near but I pretend it’s not
Nerves are shot, in an atmosphere drinking beer, smoking pot
Just the means to dodge the hang-ups that I got
But I refuse to let ‘em slide in the lyrics that I jot
I’m caught in a web of surreal materialist
Force-fed fear by governments of imperialists
The gist of this is not to twist your wrist
But get you p*ssed enough to resist the abyss of mist that exists
Between our eyes and our minds
Cuz a zodiac sign can only lead the blind
Only the blind can be defined by Calvin Kline designs
Man kind is intertwined with chat lines
Combat these bad times with phat rhymes


Life’s like fluid, flow right through it man
Take what you get, get what you put into it and
Life’s like fluid, flow right through it man
Take what you get, get what you put into it

[Verse 2]

You know what man?
Maybe this song’s wrong
Maybe the strong only survive within the confines of corporate goldmines
Maybe the divine lies within wearing a tie
Following the guidelines and getting dollar signs in your eyes
Maybe it’s about being corrupt, blowing yourself up
Taking thirty people with you like you don’t give a f**k
Life’s a hard pill to swallow when you wallow in your sarrows
Hollow, like the bottom of liquor bottles when you’re blotto
Hollow, like the popular models we try to follow
Hollow, like putting off plans for tomorrow
But tomorrow never knows, yesterday is history
It gets to me when all that I can Scope is f**king Listerine
Persistency seems to come to me without consistency
Resisting the rhyme and reason of existence. Be
All that I can be without enlisting in the infantry
I’d rather shoot the gift, light it up, like a Christmas tree


[Verse 3]

While I’m waiting for my day to come, numb from the opium
Equilibrium’s f**ked up from drinking rum
In a slump, dumbing myself down to make a buck
What the f**k, it’s like slumming for crumbs, 'bout to erupt
When I bust this sh*t, you know that I must admit
I'm gonna cuss and spit, until you just submit
As in the rush I get, when I flash that royal flush in your face
And get ill when I spray these lyrics like mace
Vanish up in the air without a trace
Like damn, who was that kid? He just fell from grace
I’m bound to be a mental case if I don’t get my cards in place
I got the jack, the ten, the king, the queen, now all I need’s the ace
I try to keep the pace with this rat race across the nation
Time’s a-wasting, way too patient
In the way I tend to face realization
Everyday it’s like vacation, steady spacing
In a way I’m way too patient when I hit my destination cuz


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