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Zander Hall

"Thunderstorm face"

[verse 1]

This is a time
When i was a queen
I had a crown and a staf
Did something wrong
Damned to hell
Angel to the devil
Now i'm the rebel
I have the thrown
With some horns
Then the thorns
And the chains
Scary wings
With the fights
With the scars
With the place that i don't know where
The thunderstorm on my face
Do you see this misplace
I am trapped in this cage
Hard to escape
How did i get here

[verse 2]

When i fight
I fight for the throne
But i'm not alone
I like white
Better than red
And gold
Than the black
This is not my
Real type
I guess i'm just wrong
Cause i would not be here
If it wasn't fate
I look in the mirror
And realize this is a mistake
So i fight
For what's right
Take back my throne
Take what i own
I'm the leader
I made no mistakes
You're just an enemy
Trying to take my place
With the thunderstorm face
Always shocking me
But now it's on you
And you have no clue
You take what i got
You follow my spot
Thunderstorm face

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