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"I’d rather die( bonus track)"

I’m not disrespecting, you just expected something out my league, gasping for air at times I couldn’t breath, hasn’t been the best life so far, and I feel like all the lights are too far, I raised my myself, I am my father and my mother, I played myself, I went into the cold with no cover, tough decision, split decision, the three of us had the living, wishing the younger ones would listen, and the older ones would stop tripping, cleaning every second, we can hear all the time ticking, if that’s why I’m living, I’d rather die

I hate seeing you cry, I’d rather die, you make me cry, hoping it’ll die off, don’t weep, don’t sob, wipe your tears, don’t keep, don’t talk, I see your over fears

I feel like the centerpiece, I’m always holding both sides together when we see this inner beast, we trying to hide with the thinnest sheets, please don’t cry, I’ll cry wit you, and it’ll make me feel like I’m not protecting, if the motion is going you know you protected, none of y’all wrong y’all opinions just neglected, and all that yelling is spilling and making everyone infected, so why are you checking when you made me this way, woah

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