Money Counter (Outro)


King Swisher Radio


Cash out on sh*t
I see you window shoppin' cause you ain't got sh*t
Kickin' sh*t with big bro and he moving zips
I don't smoke no gas unless it's out the zip
I don't smoke no mid no I ain't with that sh*t
Didn't know my opps did acrobatics, yeah, I made him flip
Yeah they think they T.I. cause they giving out tips
Only tips we giving round here is them hollow tips
And your b*t*h can get the tip
Scratch that she getting the whole d**k
Money moves up on my mind
So I'm a f**k that b*t*h and dip
Got some nut on her lip
But she ain't my b*t*h
So that ain't my problem
See an opp and then we pop him
Couple shots and that'll drop him
I'm a real opp dropper
Real sipper, real Wock'er
You can tell by how I'm walking
You can tell by how I'm talking
The drugs got me so retarded
The drugs they got me like a zombie
Real fashion I ain't no hypebeast
PPFM up on my body
Got that from overseas
What's that on your cap
That's them double G's
My b*t*h in double C's
I'm smoking double tree
My vision doubling
They say I'm troubling
They all make believe
Cops catch me I go dumb
I say I don't know how to read
Acid really got me up
But I mixed it with a downer
It can go up turn him to a downer
She said my drip is so astounding
Had her leaking like a fountain
I had trouble tryna count it
So the money counter count it
No I don't need no accountant
Money counter my accountant

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