Thunderclouds lyrics


[Verse 1: Sia]
All I need is one
One more man is enough
Babe, you got it wrong
Please turn your fears into trust, to trust

[Pre-Chorus: Sia & Labrinth]
Where did love go?
When all is said and done?
Hey now, put your hands in the air
I'ma go through your stuff

Where did love go?
Put the running into run
You're asking me to stay
But I never met a girl I could trust

[Chorus: Labrinth & Sia]
You're sayin' those words like you hate me now (Wo-woah)
Our house is burning when you're raisin' hell (Wo-woah)
Here in the ashes, your soul cries out (Ah-ah-ah)
But don't be afraid of these thunderclouds

[Post-Chorus: Sia & Labrinth]
These thunderclouds, oh no
These thunderclouds, oh no, no

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