[Verse 1]
Working my fingers
My fingers working ’em to the bone
Looking for something, looking for something
Suddenly I don’t know
What am I searching for?
Is it me, is it me?
Oh baby, yeah

I’m walking and running and driving, surviving
And all while I’m on the phone
Doing and doing not being OD’ing
Oh, it’s a heavy load
What am I searching for?
Is it me, is it me?
Oh baby, yeah

I’m dyin'
Gotta get out, gotta get out, yeah
I gotta get out, gotta get out
Out of here
Oh, and I’m feelin' it now, I’m feelin' it now
I know I been tied down, been tied down
I was tied and bound
But not today
Watch as I shake my chains
Won’t play no slave
Come what may
Let’s go outside
Come on, let’s chase the sun
Oh Lord, I know that money
No money can’t buy us love
So I ain’t chasing paper, I’m done
No I ain’t chasing paper, I’m done
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