"Silent Nights"

[Verse 1: Scott Matthew & Sia]
This time of year when it gets cold
I can’t remember how it felt
To know you were the one to hold
Or just to know you made sense

This time of year, now I’m old
I know you were the one I told
Life should never be this fun
All the signs said you’re the one (Ah-ah-ah)

[Chorus: Scott Matthew & Sia]
So this is Christmas (Ah)
How pretty the lights are (Ah)
How lonely the nights are (Ah-ah-ah)

The loveliest winter (Ah)
Sweet but so bitter (Ah)
I won’t have you (Ah-ah-ah)
I won't have you (Ah-ah-ah)

[Verse 2: Scott Matthew & Sia]
No solace in my solitude
Now there is nothing here for you
Not a gift and not a card
Not a kind word from my heart (Ah-ah-ah)
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