"What the Future Holds"

[Verse 1]
One more teardrop
The surface tension breaks
And if the surface tension breaks
Then I will pour my pain and more
Then my heart stops, what will it take?
'Cause if it breaks, if it breaks
'Cause if it does, I'll turn to dust

One foot in the past
And one foot in the future
I need to take a class
On staying right here with you

I'm drowning in my history
Prisoner of past defeats
Tell me what the future holds
Tell me baby (Oh)
I'm terrified of things to come
Paralyzed, I cannot run
Tеll me what the future holds
Tеll me baby (Oh)

[Verse 2]
Stuck in quicksand, I think of us
I think of us, in my mirage
I can't get out and I'm scared now
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