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9th Street

"HB Freestyle"

[Intro: Joey Clipstar]
Joey Clipstar, HB Freestyles
Now this ones been most requested for a long time, so its only right we sorted it out
9th Street, HB Freestyles
Brigades, Brigades, Brigades
I ain't gon do too much talking
You know the faces, so let's get into it

[Verse 1: Soze]
Mum says "boy, you're too shallow", I dont deep what Im told
No breakfast, just dinners, when im in the kitchen scrapping bowls
Opps gets hit, scripts get flipped. Flipped like a old school phone
And this Trap house here ain't hot. This T heres Unknown
Pull up and have man shifting. Do dirt on my own, or assistance
Man get popped like blisters
Man behave like sisters, some b*tches
Im in OT in a village, not bista, and these scripts get flipped like Rizla

[Verse 2: Pumpz]
Beef on sight, like I could never let that slide
4 man when he we go on a glide
2 straps in a back, 1 passenger side
Can't say that the beef ain't fried
None of my close ones cried
They hear 4 4, wid the 16, same time my lil n*ggas got life
And I pree'd on the opp boys twice
They can't talk bout K's on the 9, man get round dere on bikes
They got round and tried, but the opps can't talk about slides
I juss sent a postal out, man I pray that my broski's nice
Its still 3 the guys, and bro bro mash still on rides

[Verse 3: Rzo Munna]
Them man good, they can't talk to me about road, they shoulda stayed in school
And anyone that I see in the hood thats shotting, Im robbing, especially if we ain't cool
Whos is who, I dont play wid no random utes, this is no 8 Ball Pool
I took trips, thats me and Paul, in the whip hopping that i dont get pulled
Whos thats, feds in the opposite junction, no eye contact, thats all hot
Opps can't talk about rideouts, I ride out and they riding off
Like sh*t then, you shoulda seen the way bro try write him off
Ive got hitmen, and they dont take a price for bro to light em up

[Verse 4: Soze]
Real bad boy shooters, like Booka
3, 4 4, 9th street Freddy Kruga
Sticking up rap boys, sticking up shooters
The hooties full up?, I tell man move up

[Verse 5: Rzo Munna]
See an opp any where, man plug that, man does that
See an opp, and cut that, man love that
No chill, like f*ck that
Man f*ck dat, if your gyal won't bruck dat

[Verse 6: Pumpz]
sh*ts all mad up
Bros still on the wing, like Salah
Man Ive been so low, come back up
From 13, I got my cash up

[Verse 7: Soze]
Dont complain, comply
Chop that shotgun right
Pull up, we letting it rain
Opp block, 6 man deep like Pain

[Verse 8: Rzo Munna]
Gun kick back like Tekken, but still flip shank, my favourite weapon
If i can't blast, Ill wet him, no half heart, I left him

[Verse 9: Pumpz]
If this bruckback got lead in, Im defo dishing out shellings
Tell the Opp boys get bread in
If bro down and out, I can't let him

[Outro: Joey Clipstar]
Enough said
9th Street, HB Freestyles, Joey Clipstar
Let us know who should we get next?
I dont think none of you are gon do that so

9th Street the team, b*tch
Try your best

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