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9th Street

[Intro: Pumpz]
Beats by Yamaica Productions, baby
9th Street the team, b*t*h

[Chorus: Rzo Munna]
Don't talk about drilling
I'm ridin' out for siblings
That's me and Soze twinnin'
Jump out the whizzup and kidnap n***as
G1 grab bows and whip it
Whilst he's tryin' tell the young G "Cling it"
Heard that opp got chinged, like I don't really know who did it

[Verse 1: Rzo Munna]
I'm baffed, now where the paigons at?
Why you mad?
I ain't gon' add you on Snap
b*t*h you ain't even got back, b*t*h get back
Why you so close?
Only put trust in me and my phone
Dumb thot, don't give drops on the opps
Tell that lil' b*t*h go home
Straight militant ting
That's me, Mills, N90 jump out on a drilling and ting
Dot-dot when I'm feeling my skin
Dot-dot when I aim and burst
I remember when we used to argue who's aiming first
Now it's just takin' turns
Opp block like take that turn
Catch a opp then a opp get touched
Take that as a lesson learnt
Corn fly out they duck
Or head backs get burnt
I'm the kind that makes you leave your bredrins
They want me on the wing like Lennon
But I'm still in the field with tekkers

[Verse 2: Pumpz]
You can't shot a food that's a stain bro
Buy straight job like it's Play-Doh
Then I hit the block in the same clothes
Like if the trap's hot, hit the main road
Still I slide out from the jakes though
'Cah they locked off all my main bros
Them boys rubbed out like a blister
I'm in your sister, call me mister
While I'm backstrappin' my Rizla
n***as time trapped doin' same stuff
No handouts so I came up
You could never be in my lane, cuz
If you with the usman you losin'
I'm with Jamzo in the four door and we cruisin'
Blowin' loud back to my music
While she's down movin' all fruity
I like a light ting with a slim waist and a booty
You and pumpy, that's a movie
Brown [?], that's my flass
I been there once, I ain't even tryna go back
I'm with Milly so I can trap
That's why there's bags under my eyes
I'm posted up in the 9 with a whole load of guys, no wonder why they don't ride

[Verse 3: Rzo Munna]
I don't do swagger, I do trapfit, I'm a trapper
Or put smoke in that wapper, if it's not Mills then it's Takka
I leave man itched up, like how many man got dipped up?
Try run and got tripped up
Hand out a ching like a picture
And then they start b*t*hing when really they shoulda got chinging
All now the opps still losing, so you ain't gotta ask who's winning
There ain't no medals, but all of them boy know levels
Baby, she cute, she hold my shell, she hold my pebbles
This life that I live is mental
b*t*h boy sword, samurais and pedals
Jump off my bike, inject my knife, make big man seckle
This life that I live is eventful, ding-dong whips or do it in rentals
Still couldn't give a toss, if the whip be hot see and opp then turn it
N90, fill it and burst it
Reason all of the opps be nervous
Like, all of the talk is cheap, you don't see that light if I close your curtains
Or I'm outside yards with the big dot-dot burstin' through curtains
No aim, just burstin'
I thought I already told them drilling rehearsing

[Verse 4: Pumpz]
Really do this while these other n***as wan' doubt me
Hit the m-way, bare skrr skrr in that Audi
Packs flying, get pebbled up then outied
These opps really ain't levelling
Broadday, man, I pepper him
9 block what I'm telling 'em
The other n***as be irrelevant
Tell us who we ain't better than
They locked half my gang 'cah you know my n***as be selling 'em
She sucks much, you know the light b*t*h can't be celibate
On my 24/7 sh*t, in and out of that bando
I feed my young G 'cause he put work in them backroads
Strap black like Jango
Free G Bell, that's gang, though
Like anything that your n***a's got, we've had those
Free my bro Zees, man, it ain't long 'til he's back home
Still we keep tings moving
I see blue lights in my rear view and I'm bootin'
'Cause I ain't tryna go back there, I swear that's a loose ting
They say "White punks", for my mumzy's why I do this
I want a white Benz with the seats red, all roofless
With the batch pad for my 9 boys just to cool in

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