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Latts (ZT)

"Mad About Bars"

[Part 1]
SebzBeats Baby
Latts, Latts. Latts

[Verse 1]
Ching man, chestshot donnys
How many utes ran from me
They're poppin' O's down in vids
I'm chatting to bro like I chinged that donny
And that whole block's a mess
They ain't tryna bang out properly
I see bro-bro wetting my man down
So I ran over there and copied
14 rambo in my backpack
Them times it was free Asbo
Cah he really done turned man hashtag
I soaked man down with T and Dabz, f*ck
Bro-bro flashback
I run man down with badman
Or hop out the hatchback
No cap when Bookie slapped that
On the other side with a burner out
We're crashing it, they crashed their whip
Once more man circle round
Bro had the drop on them
No way did I turn that down
Yes This sh*t is Ments
Ride for your homie now
Still pulling up where they hang
Tryna grill a man out his drip
Thought he could pop his door
Man chased him back in his whip
Swing them shanks expose man's body
Swing them shanks for giving me lip
Shove and dip, swing and ching
Rude rude ride for that prick
Ride for that prick
B2 chestshot gang with the ramz
Tear up flesh, better pray you don't tell
AD knife work send a boy heaven
TB knife work send a boy hell
Young Huntz send him A&E
Young MJ send him there as well
Blacka will bore up neeks
Been knifing since the age of 12
Asbo doing up drills
Even though he's been locked in jail
And you can hold corn for free
How nice of me not to charge for shells
Bad b warn bruck her back
Jeet and skeet can't be my girl
I'm in the T house slanging
So much weight I broke the scales
See a opp and I'm loosing
Better know that it's that day I'm en routing
All I ever see is it was down in vids
And none of my members losing
I lost count of all of our chingings
Can't keep up with none of our bootings
And they know we're winning
So the scoreboard man just abuse it
Ching man chestshot donnies
Swing them shanks and they run from me
I splash man down with solo bolo
Man won't talk to the undies
Interview room I don't know
Why you think that the Trident on me
I'm watching myself on camera
And still man act like it's not me
Pop them doors if you see this brudda
Bro dropped another
And you can't bring back that sucker
Some say i'm a nutter
From the way that i swing my cutter
And I been out here from young
14 when I done me a drill
I got shifted and slapped by my mum
Ever since I've attempted kills
Dem man can't name me one
Smoke in the ride let's go
I'm with Bookie and them boy der' run
Can't say that them boys ain't jokes
I done scored on man for fun
Bro done swing it and chop him
In front of everyone
Doing up lurk in this 4 door dinger
Spot you, get ching up
Best pray that you don't get bill up
She asked why I smell like petty
I told home girl that you're way too inner
Back this wap, big man best simmer
Bro got a body, I ain't talking figure
Qualified Driller

[Part 2]

[Verse 1]
I want P's, so I'm beating shots
Remember that day with the woosh, I saw opps and I beat it off
If they say they're about, I'll really come round like "please don't lead me on"
What you know about hop out the ride, come back and the driver's gone
If I G check you please comply, and tell me where you're from
I'm after the big fish, but I'll consume that appetizer
Think you can put in the shift, we'll come back round like the Equalizer
I gave him my 15 inch, but I thought the wounds woulda been much wider
I force through back and chest, when I grip on my black blade tighter
See me, I get out and chef, but I can't lie man the booting's liver
I'm doing up lurk with gang, Young Huntz in the back too hyper
They took more than half the gang, and we still got more than one glider
See we don't run out of drillers, bore that up if he says he's a 9iner
Pembury utes on nuttin, Holly utes on nuttin either
f*ck off
I was p*ssed I was back on that blue phone
Feds want us locked in jail, they don't want the gang to do road
Two times mans been on that wing, thats fists and kicks like Naruto
I'll bore man with my pink kitch, and my ramz, my knife work's two-tone
Anywhere I see a opp, it's long
I'll buck into utes, and set it, dead or in jail, they said I belong
My man can't get no credit, he ain't done no drills from his songs
Bro gave him 10 with the ZK, and he try make it 11
On my J I’m a Sav, Ill ching DSQuared in his top, not denims
Wet man down with my rambo knife, so much force it made the handle loose
Babz won't know I swapped Ts for mine, prolly won't know till he hears this tune
I'm G'd up, I'll swing my shank, It's all facts I tell the truth
Thought "Oh Boy", when they bucked this gang and none of my member Ku
Ching, doctors ripping off clothes, on the roads exposing nudes
Doctors ripping off clothes, on the roads exposing nudes

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