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Chief Keef

"Bird Box"

Bird box
Bird box
Baby I'm [?] blood, bird box
Baby [?] for bird box
Is you 'gon do that or what?
Back in the day I tote a snub Bird box
Hit you with that mud (f*ck her)
Cops made me taste some [?], bird box (call her)
Wanna f*ck her good one day
I said "Jesus piece our Christ"
I feel that [?] fly, baby I ain't 'gon lie-ie-ie-ie-ie
Our block baby it is World War 3, three!
Said she wanna come swerve on me (swerve)
So many people depend on me
[?] the [?] won't work on me, no!
Skrting the Benz it's 'gon stand on me, me!
I don't wanna say you could run on me, no!
Love you 'cause [?]

Call my FaceTime [?] don't call me
Blew up b*tch in 2 am [?], (2 am)
See your [?] we ain't walking
All that sh*t you been having I been balling
Only time

Can you get me some ice? (some ice)
Don't believe in no, don't believe in no [?] [?]!
[?] in a fight pow!

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