Chief Keef

"Thought He Was Blood"

Them young n***as be on dumb sh*t
Shoes ties we run sh*t
Ridin' round wit a broom stick
Standing taller then Bushwick
Your dumbass, n***a punsh it
b*t*h called me she don't want sh*t
In churches we got drum sticks
You gon' need a first aid kit
Send you onna vacation
Got a 4-5 like a day shift
Punsh a n***a like tay ships
Line em up like vaystrip
Smokin' on onion tho
Hold em like fine chips
Vroom vroom vroom flat em wheels
Deal em, now we got a deal
That's a lambo outta here
In the woods 'bout to fight a deer
Try to shoot a moose but got a bear
She like you hurt my feelings boy you gotta care
Ballin' like, oops all berries
Pull his card like solitaire
Chase em down like Tom & Jеrry
Goin pineapple, Spongebob and Gary
I'm in thе wild like Thornberry
Out the womb I was born ready
Im a soul no cornberry
Oops the medicine craneberry
She say I’m the first no January
She said she love me no February
At The Batcave, it's a sanctuary
Seen the flow said: You legendary
Fredo be makin' sh*t very scary
I can make it rain like Jim Carey
In the car n***a very girly
I was gettin' ready but I'm ready girl
Your earlobe b*t*h very dirty
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