Back In The Day lyrics

Chief Keef

[Verse 1]
I need to smoke some pack or I go crazy (Dope)
Been smokin' a pack since back in the day (Since back in the day)
If I f**k your hoe, she gon' go cray (She go nuts)
I been doing that since back in the day (That's what?)
Been gettin' money since school days (School days, ayy)
Boy, you gettin' money hooray (Hooray pu**y)
Ion give no f**k (Ion give no f**k)
You say you glowin', but ion see what's up (Ion see what's up)

What's up with all these f**k n***as? (f**k n***as)
I'll buck at all these f**k n***as (These f**k n***as)
I'm upping all these f**k n***as down (Down n***a)
They clowns (Ayy), n***as look around
I heard you be with all these f**k n***as (You an opp?)
Catch you at the red light, green light chuck n***a (You gon' stop)
Go, we finna blow (Bang, bang, dududu)
Boy I hope you not with your hoe (Skudskudu)

[Verse 2]
I got my pole, ain't that what you want? (Nah)
KKK colder, AK wet you up
With my disciples, play games if you want (Gang, gang)
We totin' light poles and they hit you up (Bang, bang)

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