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Rob Curly


Feeling like you coulda been the one but it didn't work out how I thought it would
I hit you up, you told me I'm going Hollywood
You must be kidding me, I was barely doing like a hundred views
If you wanna be rid of me, baby you ain't even gotta break the news
I'll be gone before you even break the news
Cause I don't wanna be where I'm not wanted
I would rather vomit
Dip like quick, quick like Sonic
Didn't see it coming, I couldn't call it
Maybe we should call it
Ain't no point in stalling
It's.. over

I been tryna cut you off for
Couple years, it leave my heart sore
Then I hit you, hit me back
Then we link up, it's all bad
I hope I get over all this sooner than later
Onto something greater
It's not likely looking at the data
So I gotta blow it up, you know? grenade it
Sever all ties with ya
f*ck around and switch sides with ya
This time be the one to do you bad
Then I'll know that you ain't never coming back
Yeah.. yeah

Baby I was down down bad like those Dreamville raps
I keep losing my mind
I been losing my grasp.. on you
I think it's for the best
I think we seen our best times
I hope you never lose sight of the right side
Keep your eyes wide and good luck
Well wishes
Stay up
Stay vicious baby
Ambitious baby... stay up

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