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99 Neighbors


[Intro: Sam Paulino]
I feel
Stuck in a box
I saw
Jesus walk
Gotta tap in my thoughts 
I’m still
I don’t care what I think 
Sick of the drugs, round of applause
Stuck in a polo, I’m pretty in pink 
I go
Way up
Sauce, sauce
I been lost, lost
Keep it honest

[Verse 1: Swank]
Thinkin’ too much got me caught up
I been off track, feelin’ locked up
Lost in a blank face, seen a lot of blank faced smiles on a pay day
Wake up in the mornin realize it’s all the same
Feelin’ bad, yellin’ May Day
Got me on the stairs tip-toein’
Spliff rollin’, while my life gone coastin’
Think about the sh*t I gotta do to make a memory
sh*t been on the the move too quick, need some therapy
Guess I’ll make a note to it
I been feelin’ down broke
I’m losin’ all my hope
I’m startin’ to gain fear
I’m back on this tight rope
I’m lost in dim lights
But back in my zone
I’m gone, I lost fate
Well take a minute
I don’t know when my life gonna drop, I get it
I ain’t tryna lose this
I’ll prove sh*t to show you
Don’t trust me and act like I know you

[Verse 2: Aidan Ostby]
Flowers in a glass vase
Layin’ on a new grave
Under is the old ways
Tombstone says the young days
Prickles grow on my face
Sugar ain’t the same taste
Midnight, new day
Flippin’ to the next page
Sippin’ til the lights fade
Lookin’ through my camera
Tryna find my old face
Tryna find my old face
What happened to my face?
What happened to my face?

[Verse 3: Sam Paulino]
Hate that they tell me what to do
The second I’m all in, the minute it’s all through 
So Imma let it begin, Imma get it how I’m gonna get it 
Even if I’m lying through my teeth
You know I’m in it to win it
Imma bend, flip, stretch lyrics like I’m workin’ gymnastics 
Lil’ b*tch, call me Mr. Fantastic 
I ain’t had nothin’ but a pot to p*ss in
Give me freedom, give me death ‘til im winnin’
Whippin’ Civics, I ain’t got the gas to make it back to the crib
And in a minute Imma get it back
f*ck it I’m never relaxed, I'm way too attached, I
Can’t tell, won’t tell you
Ixnay, b*tch made I
Sink in float my boat 
Bring it back, bring it back
Back stab, broke that trust
Day in, day out I
Work hard, play hard we
Run it up run around it up

[Bridge: Sam Paulino]
I been way up 
Sauce, sauce
sh*t, I work my ass off
Keep it honest

Cut out the brakes to my car so the ride don’t slow
No drive and the ride won’t go
Devil on my shoulder telling me to push the pedal
With an angel on the side busy crying, hoe
I make moves
Steady I level the dudes
My people just know how I move
In the cracks and the grooves
Grimy is just how I do
Keep it 100 that’s truth
Demon face in the shadows when I walk I’m moving past it
Creepin’ real late when it’s active
Hope the skeletons up in your closet don’t catch you
It’s anything that’s liable for cash moves
People cry because they really want the bag
But they don’t wanna work, act causal
Think I got the time for the vision
Might snap to a n*gga on stage with the hammer might blast you
Work is the center of all of this
I called it quits with like all the college kids
Traveled from campus to campus
Who thought I’d end up with like all of this polished sh*t?
Diamond and gold what I’m rocking
I pull up and flaunt this like nobody jacking this
Carry the weight from whatever
I slide up on you if you say you is not with this

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