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​of Montreal

"Tremblor of Void"

I listened to I Walked in the Père Lachaise
Started crying uncontrollably
Sometimes it is just too much, the pain of futility
It's just too much

Crouched down, hiding between tombs
Hiding my face
Sufjan’s voice forcing me to feel
What I thought I was through with
Feeling anymore

There's too much that I haven't dealt with
Though there’s really nothing I can say
Can't say it to myself to change anything
Self-knowledge is useless

When you needed me, I abandoned you
There's no point in me painting it otherwise
I was drowning and so pathetic
Just wanted to be alone

I had to be there and
Just watch you suffer
And like an automaton I'd pat your head
All along I knew you needed someone better
That I should just f*ck off

I suppose you've got your great revenge
I'm drunk and alone and you
You're with him

And you both seem happy
You both seem happy
Aren't you both happy?
I want you to be

I have it punishing my ears
Still I can’t get it out enough
I can’t front some air of oblivion
I want to be absorbed in the sound
Though there is no escape for me

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