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Stunna 4 Vegas


[Intro: Stunna 4 Vegas & LilJaySoIcy]
Ahh, it’s four times
It’s four times
It’s four times
Uh, uh, uh, uh

[Verse 1: Stunna 4 Vegas & LilJaySoIcy]
I’m hittin' that ho with my ice on
The light’s off, but it looks like the light’s on (Ice)
I hit the stage with my pipe on (Ooh)
He say it’s beef, I’m like, “Right on” (f*ck)
And we with all of that f*ck sh*t (Come here)
We could have a shootout like right now (b*tch)
We beat him drunk, he on icehouse (Yeah)
We gon’ pipe up with that pipe, n*gga pipe down

[Verse 2: LilJaySoIcy]
They say he f*ckin’ with Ice now
Shoot a f*ck n*gga from the lighthouse
Beat from the back, she all iced now
Me and young Stunna done piped down
Snuck in the fire, with the club
On gang, got the back end, there's where the fight now

[Verse 3: Stunna 4 Vegas & LilJaySoIcy]
If he play in the club, he gon’ lay in the club, Kerr
We shootin’ his lights out (On gang)
You ain’t never post at no trap house
Lil bro catch a op and he shoot Jerry Stackhouse (Score)
We tryna see what they cap ‘bout (Huh?)
These n*ggas b*tch, they not what they rap ‘bout (Big cap)
I leave out the bank with that sack out (Gang)
f*ck her 'til she faint, I’m tryin’ make her tap out (Thot thot)
And I ain’t doin’ no back and forth with none of these n*ggas
'Cause I caught a blitz, they smash out (on gang)

[Verse 4: LilJaySoIcy & Stunna 4 Vegas]
They caught a blitz, they smashed out
Hold on, Stunna (Huh?)
I think I just smashed that b*tch
No one know she f*ckin’ look glad now
Creep through the back, ain’t even see me
Yeah, I just collected the bag now
They say LilJay on they ass now
Big money sh*t, I talk cash talk
Shawty, she swear she popped a Perc
She think lil' shawty gon’ pass out

[Verse 5: Stunna 4 Vegas]
I’m havin’ them racks now (Cash)
He flex with that gun on the 'gram
Catch him in person, that n*gga be assed out (pus*y)
He say "It’s pressure," then we keep it comin’
We no limit with smoke, we gon’ max out (Yeah)
I get booked for a show in the city
They got the U.S. Marshals and task out (Four times)
I’m bringing the Blickys and we’ll crash out
n*gga touch me, he better ask about what’s gon’ happen to ‘em
If he play I get ‘em wacked, n*gga
I’m havin’ that bag now
Ho, get on yo’ knees
Don’t pull your pants down (Thot thot)
I get face state to state, I’m the man now
I might f*ck her and dip
I might run out on a ho
But I’m havin’ plenty cash, and I ain’t never ran out
I’m that lil' n*gga, I stand out
We drop down with rods, make ‘em stand down
Yellow tape, white chalk, man down
I can’t f*ck that lil' ho if she fanned out

[Verse 6: LilJaySoIcy]
Walk in this b*tch with my bands out
This ain’t a handout
These b*tches be trippin’, they fanned out
Who you gon’ call on? (Nobody)
n*gga, this a mandown (It's a blitz)

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