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Stunna 4 Vegas


Oh, this nice, Funky

[Verse 1: Fat Dave]
Beat up the dope, I whip in the Pyrex (Beat it up)
Big ass bullets, would take down a jet
Lil' ass n*gga and I'm a T-Rex
Finger it with my hand like a shelf
I'm in the kitchen, I feel like [?]
These n*ggas be broke, they need help
Spank a n*gga, might take off my belt
Slide with this TEC, I ain't talkin' 'bout Kels

[Verse 2: Stunna 4 Vegas]
Should I get OG or do it myself?
Pull up from [?] like Steph
He do the wrong thing, he get left
Won't talk, white chalk, I ain't wastin' my breath
And don't gotta step, I put some racks on your head
Your life will be gone for a check
She know I'm a dog, f*ck it, I'm f*ckin' her raw
Send Big Stunna to the vet

[Verse 3: Fat Dave]
I'm in the booth on the [?]
And I drink lean out a can
And I smoke gas out of air
You run up on me, send shots to your head
Big ass bullet and it feel like a missile
Get me a pack and I'm kickin', jujitsu
Knock haters down make him [?] like he flippin'

[Verse 4: Stunna 4 Vegas]
I turned a good ho to a stripper
Ayy, shut the f*ck up, give me head
Uh, I sleep with that .55 in bed
These n*ggas soft like Ted
Boy, you would get off of what you said
Uh, get the pounds off, Jimmy [?]
f*ck n*gga, you sweet, gingerbread
I hit a b*tch, then leave her
Have us smokin' cigarettes

[Verse 5: Fat Dave]
Hopped in the game, now it's over
Booty go, "Bang, bang," like a Sosa
Catch him down bad, do his ass like Barbosa
I'm tryna slime some like a cobra
Killin' your b*tch with her legs on my shoulder
Walk in the mall and they smelling the odor
Catch me a body and ride back to Notre

[Verse 6: Stunna 4 Vegas]
Lil' bro pop his top like a canned soda
Ho, get in my way and get ran over
Uh, that lil' n*gga cold, Minnesota
I poured a four in the soda
Uh, I hit your ho, and then I'm gone
Right back to that bag, I cannot lay with no [?]
I don't sleep with no cats in the early mornin'

[Verse 7: Fat Dave]
When I shoot with the Drac', you know I ain't gon' miss
Slide on his block, I ain't sendin' a diss

[Outro: Fat Dave & Stunna 4 Vegas]
f*ckin' that lil' thot, she gon' eat up the di*k
n*ggas be hatin' and ain't with the drip
I'm in this booth with a fully loaded clip
n*gga try me, I'ma hit
Man, hit his ass
f*ckin' that lil' thot
I get that lean by the [?]
[?] shoot sh*t up
Ayy, I'ma shoot it up
You shoot at nothin'
b*tch, why you move front?

Uh, you mean?
You ain't gon' do nothin'

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