What It Do lyrics

Stunna 4 Vegas

Fah, fah
Ayy, what it do, n***a?
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, boy Stank, you hard (Stank, you hard)
Uh, I stay with that fye, that's somethin' you knew, that's somethin' you knew
(Lil' Trebble made the beat, he only had to play it once)

Uh, ayy, what it do? (Ayy, what it do?)
We talkin' blicks, I came with two
Talkin' hoes, I got a few
I stay with that fye, that's somethin' you knew
I love red, my money blue (My money blue)
Make the wrong move, he make the news
We leave him stretch, won't leave a clue
b*t*h give me neck, off what it do (Off what it do)

[Verse 1]
Tick, tick, tick, tick (Tick), boom (Boom)
n***a play 'round in this b*t*h, it go down in this b*t*h
Wе bought so many rounds in the room
We pull up and hit, pull off, zoom (Skrrt)
Y'all n***as 12 like aftеrnoon (Uh)
pu**y n***a, you cap like Dr. Seuss (Cap)
We tryna send them to the upper room (Get 'em outta here)
Lay and you play, it's channel two (Play and you lay)
Uh, I drop a deuce in a Mountain Dew
I tell a ho, "What you try to do?" (Thot)
If she ain't tryna f**k, then she get the boot (Get her outta here)
I'm booted up, I just popped two
They might woof on the 'Net, but we drop two (Pick 'em up)
I keep my fye 'cause I got to (Fah, fah)
You my brother then, n***a, I got you (You know that)
Some might say I paved the way
For Big 4, they goin' crazy (4X)
Them n***as slide like roller skates
Them choppers clap like "A Bay Bay" (Uh, gang)
We lay low, them n***as play
Then we be creepin' where he stay (pu**y)
Say I grace to eat his plate, still prayin' glonem beat the case (Gang)

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