M&M lyrics

Stunna 4 Vegas

Brr, baow
It's 4X
Uh, it's 4X, b*t*h

M and M on my mind
[?] you wastin' my time (Uh)
She wanna f**k, come link with a slime (Thot)
Bet he reep what he sow when he tweak with a slime (Brr)
Stay with that stick like I'm legally blind (Baow)
We done did some sh*t, boy, I'm keepin' the fire (Baow)
Play, hit his b*t*h, try to blow the spine (Uh)
Won't blow yo' pole? Can't hop in the ride (Uh-uh, no)

Won't up yo' stick? Can't hop in the whip (Uh-huh)
I took his ho, make her hop on the d**k (Come here)
[?] on my blunt got me higher than a [?] (Ha)
My dawg finna diss, we come, hop out and hit (Boo-boo-boo)
I'm havin' my way, I be boppin' my sh*t
I run it up so quick, uh
Got to them racks like fast forward (Racks)
We got more straps then a task force (Uh-huh)
We try to whack 'em (Boo-boo)
Catch 'em and trap 'em (Boo-boo-boo)
Or leave his head on his dashboard (Boo-boo)
That n***a got slammed out the backboard (Uh)
I came to collect like the landlord (Come here)

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