Fenix Flexin

"Trippin’ On Me (UNRELEASED)"

I got that blicky out
I keep a .50 on me
Every time she see me wit' it she be trippin' on me
I can't f**k around wit' n***as they be switchin' on me
When I f**k her from the back she get to drippin' on me
On me
I got it on me
I keep that .40 ain't no n***as pickin' on me
I just pulled it out my pants she get to lickin' on me
I be doing what you can't I know you sick lil' homie
All these blues a n***a got look like I'm crippin' on me, n***a

[Verse 1]
I can show you how to get it
I can count it up to 50
If a n***a run up on me boy you know I got it wit' me
I keep a fully ain't no semi
She wanna f**k but they don't tempt me
n***a this F&N gon' get to rippin'
These lul' n***as need some ice skates you know they slippin'
And we slide when we ride through
Any n***a get to trippin' we get right to it
All these pu**y n***as fishin' I see right through it
I been f**kin' on this b*t*h like whats the hype to her
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