Fenix Flexin


[Intro: Fenix Flexin]
Hey, yuh
Shoreline motherf**king Mafia man
What the f**k these n***as talking bout' bruh
HellaWave, OTX sh*t, let's get it
Turn up, turn up, turn up
b*t*h, b*t*h, lil b*t*h
Ay x6

[Chorus: Fenix Flexin]
I just got caught in the jam (Damm)
I hope my pistol dont jam (Damm)
I just rolled up by the grams (Damm)
Heard they want beef i go ham (Damm)
I just pulled up with the [?] (Damm)
Run up on you and your mans (Damm)
I found out she got a man (Damm)
She just put me on the gram (Damm)
Molly spin me like a fan (Yuh)
I found out that b*t*h she a fan (Damm)
Fenix Flexin goin in (Damm)
All these n***as they pretend (Damm)
All my broskis goin in (Yeah)
I live my life full of sins (Sins)
Free [?] we got the [?] (Free em')
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