[Intro: Jadeci]

[Verse 1: Jadeci]
Pull up in a all black whip, it's a Skyline
Got a b*t*h inside, know I give the pu**y high five
Said she love my music, so she gripping on my pipeline
Open up my inner gates, I'm feeling like I'm might guy
Pockets heavy got my pants straight hanging
Pull up see the fakes, I got the vision Tenseigan
Turn your favorite rapper to some f**king bone fragments
Said she love my ice, you see the f**king chain swanging
Love is language, I just wanna bang b*t*h
I don't do the love, I'm too busy gettin' famous
Step inside the way I see you face and re arrange it
Underground below me, step into me you get vanquished
Dead inside, I don't really need a bucket
Let the body drain inside the sink I leave them bloodless
Lost without my presence tell that b*t*h to grab a compass
b*t*hes at the show I turn their mouths into a trumpet

[Bridge: Jadeci]
So many drugs inside my nose, I'm yelling "f**k it"
Slit my f**king wrist, my blood it resurrect the dungeon
I'm the necromancer, with the dead, I'm bout to summon
I'm the blade dancer, faces what I bludgeon
[Verse 2: HAARPER]
I'm a killa from the seas, in my villa with the breeze
Operation on the low, they can't prepare for what I've seen
Cannot compare to me I'm king, I have no care, they kiss my ring
They stare at dirt when I arrive
The only way they can survive
I am the host, takin' yo mind like ghost
Breakin' yo mind the most, you steady chose
Makin' ya fate go close, takin' ya time to boast
While I rose they froze
Make 'em bygones, suffocate like a python
I'm closin' in, the chosen win
Corruption gets corroded
I'm rolling and rolling got barrels and bricks
Got da yaga on my feet and got da saber on my kicks
Its my saga bow to me or get to duckin' with a clip
I'm a naga in da alley when you see me do not trip
I'ma saber tooth tiger, all black my attire
They be looking green, my aura emerald killin' saiba
Emerald when I'm floatin', they tremble in the open
My adamantium like atom bombs, I'm makin' quotients

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